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The Festival


When, around 1325, the powerful Bishop Guido Tarlati decided to free it from the internal constructions and set it up as a strategic fortress, guarded by the majestic tower, no one would have imagined that in 677 years the Cassero area would become the stage for a party that of those periods brought to life at least the most joyful and … appetizing aspects.

And this until at least the last decades of 1900, (and here we do not go for quotes, but safe) when the now renamed “Piazzale del Cassero” – overlooking the hill on which stands Castiglion Fiorentino – was first the gym several generations who had challenged themselves in the asphalt fields of volleyball and basketball that had been obtained there, then an environment completely abandoned to itself and delivered to the spontaneous vegetation (… there grew, however, a good “fennel”, very useful to flavor roasts and porchetta … ), then a place refrequented and cleaned – with their poor means – by some young people of the Oratory who had their premises in spaces adjacent to that; then came the long-awaited “redevelopment of the area”, decided by the Municipal Administration and things began to take a different turn.

During the same period, important excavation campaigns were carried out – some still in (slow) course – which moved the hands of time back in time, redefining the origins of the first settlements in the area.


owever, it is undeniable that since 2002 it has been precisely the Festa Medievale BiancoAzzurra, (yes, the one to which Bishop Guido would never have thought) to definitively allow the whole area of ​​the Cassero to be known and experienced by tens of thousands of people: sometimes having to overcome the inevitable logistical obstacles, the whole complex in which there are the Tower, the library, the archaeological museum, the archive, the Church of St. Angelo (the oldest in the historic center) and the gallery have in fact, it was able to show itself to an audience coming from all over Italy and from the European nations that have a greater feeling with the numerous and excellent agritourism structures present in the Castilian territory.

The Festa Medievale Biancoazzurra, strongly claimed and kept tight by the Rione Cassero, is now the patrimony of the entire community, even if the tertiary sector is surely the one that derives the greatest benefits from it; it is logical that this is the case in a city that for some years has acquired the right to wave the prestigious orange flag of the Touring Club.


he Festa Medievale BiancoAzzurra does not pretend to be a re-enactment: the Rione Cassero has not participated in the “game” now in vogue in many areas and that has brought certain committees to create from scratch (= invent) an incident occurred in the much half “, as if this could ennoble an event born otherwise for legitimate purposes such as that of making a particular village better known and, why not, allowing the sustenance to associations operating in the various territories.

The Rione Cassero instead found inside it “the fact”, the spark that led to the organization of an event of such a wide resonance: today, at a distance all in all a few years, the BiancoAzzurra Medieval Festival is a coveted stage from most qualified artists in the sector; the goodness of the products offered by the tavern hostesses has passed the most difficult and selective examination, that of “word of mouth”, which we know how ruthless it can be.


he reception at the Piazzale del Cassero is truly exceptional: the absence of “gabella”, which in these times of lean cows is certainly not to be despised, is already a good way of life; the care taken in the reconstruction of the taverns and in any case of the whole environment, including the costumes of the “figurants-operants”, immediately strikes the visitor’s eye, especially after sunset, remains truly enchanted by the beauty of the environment in which find a pleasant evening in the company of friends. We know it was a tough guy, but thanks to Bishop Guido, in the end, we really need to do it …. sure then, that if he had to choose, he would certainly have sympathized with the great Rione Cassero!

Speriamo di essere piaciuti ed aver soddisfatto le vostre aspettative; da parte nostra siamo molto contenti di aver partecipato ad una festa “straordinaria”…infatti di feste ne abbiamo girate un ‘ organizzazione perfetta come la vostra non ne avevamo mai trovata!!! Vi ringraziamo tutti di cuore per la gentilezza e la 
disponibilità con cui ci avete accolto…e un complimento particolare a chi ha cucinato 
perchè era tutto veramente ottimo !!! Ancora mille grazie, un in bocca al lupo per il Palio e a questo punto è doveroso dire viva il “Rione Cassero” !!!
- Scarpellini Rossella (I Mestieranti dei Buonvisi) -

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