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The History of The Festival

Un saluto a tutti dalla Compagnia de l’Ordallegri!!!!!sebbene il tempo non sia stato particolarmente clemente noi Ordallegri ci siamo trovati benissimo, 
il posto è meraviglioso, la festa splendida e soprattutto l’ospitalità eccezionale
mi sento di dire che siamo in debito con Danilo e tutti gli organizzatori per tutto quello che hanno fatto per noi…per cui speriamo di poter ripianare questo debito! A presto.
- Eli (Compagnia de l'Ordallegri) -

was indeed the year 2002 “… when a group of young people of the Rione Cassero, very attentive also to that part of the history of the district that for obvious reasons of age had not been able to live in person, proposed to the Board of Directors to organize some important initiatives during that same year, in which the 25th anniversary of the reconstitution of the three Castiglion Fiorentino districts and the first 20 years of activity of the Historical Group and Flag-bearers “IL CASSERO”, born precisely in the district in 1982 to enrich initially the parade that would have preceded the dispute of the Palio Medieval Festival of the Rioni (horse races in the round) in the canonical date of the third Sunday of June, but then come to perform throughout Italy and in many European States.


he dream of those young people, it was immediately understood, was to organize a so-called … “Medieval Festival”, a typology of manifestation that had long been taking the field especially in Central Italy. Many members of that Council, let’s say the truth, were not particularly interested in the matter and indeed, when the proposal began to be presented at least in its most important details, the consensus was anything but rampant .. How many doubts, how many uncertainties .. and then … who could have sustained the expenses to be able to invite groups and artists who served as a side dish for the real celebrations of the occasion, that is to say all those who in those 20 years had linked their name to that of the Group? … and the dishes to offer … how would you have prepared them and even sold them, without adequate equipment? … and if nobody came then … or had it rained?


took all the willpower of those young people to convince the councilors of the district that that experience, yes, it would have been right to tempt it, because the occasion was too important for the combative spirit of Casserino not to face that challenge even the Medieval Festival.
Taking for granted that the setting could only be the stupendous one of the Piazzale del Cassero, at the foot of the millennial Tower that gives its name to the Rione, the days were decided at the end (30 May, 1-2 June) and the car organizational set up.

The efforts, the many doubts, as well as the boldness of certainties of the youngest, were repaid by a great unexpected success with the public; during the course of those three marvelous days, which saw several shows and go up to the Tower several thousand people, the looks of Casserini crossed frenetic and satisfied in coming and going between the improvised kitchen and the first rudimentary taverns, already presage that the following year – although free from particular anniversaries and anniversaries – the “Biancoazzurra Medieval Festival” CAN NOT be redone !!


ow, after all this time, we are here to think for 12 months as will be the “next year” party … The echo of the demonstration has crossed the provincial and regional borders with arrogance. Thousands and thousands of people crowd the square in the 6-7 days of Festa, between May and June; many artists, among the most popular in the industry, have been and will be our guests. Castiglion Fiorentino has certainly gained in popularity … even if the party is ours, it is us casserini that now we have it in the heart and that we feel like a “trademark”, as something that has strengthened – even passing from inevitable divergences – the one that since 1977 we call “the joy of being together”.

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